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Strange Brigade



There are remote corners of the British Empire where the shadows linger at their deepest. The servants of The Crown know about these places and the supernatural beings that sometimes lurk there.

 Introducing the fearless and unflinching Strange Brigade!

 Embark on an exotic safari into danger where few dare go and fewer return! Encounter fantastic and forgotten civilizations shrouded in mystery! Uncover treacherous tombs and unfathomable evil, never-before-seen by any human now living!

 This pulse-pounding adventure will rivet you to your game controller!

 Don’t fail to play: Strange Brigade!


Explore the ancient world as one of four dashing explorers, each with their own special powers, weapons and tactics.


Experience a rip-roaring new adventure for 1-4 players filled with pulse-pounding action, treacherous traps and tales of derring-do!


Fight-back-to-back against an army of mythological menaces unleashed by an ancient Egyptian ruler so nefarious she was wiped from the hieroglyphs: Seteki the Witch Queen!


Stay on the lookout for secret caves and buried riches. Get off the beaten track and keep those peepers peeled … what with all those dastardly traps about!



Strange Brigade Gameplay First Look!

15 Jun 2017

Calling all adventurers! As it's E3 week, and reveals are everywhere, we're extremely excited to finally be able to give you a first look at gameplay from Strange Brigade!

Not only will you get to see a coffin load of explosive gameplay, but we've also got commentary from Strange Brigade's Head of Creative (Tim Jones) and Lead Artist (Andy Pattinson)! So sit back and watch the video below.

We'll have more videos coming during E3 week, so keep your peepers peeled adventurers, and make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram!

Strange Brigade Unveiled

7 Jun 2017

Where danger is afoot, you're sure to find the... STRANGE BRIGADE!

We're delighted to present Strange Brigade, our brand new rip-roaring, third-person 1930s adventure, full of peril, mystery and derring-do...​

Watch the exclusive reveal trailer now!​

​Take your pick of one of four dashing explorers, each blessed with their own weapons, tactics, and special superhuman powers, as you explore ancient and remote corners of the British Empire where few dare go and fewer return...

You'll encounter fantastic and forgotten civilizations shrouded in mystery, uncover treacherous tombs and test your wits against unfathomable foes.​

​Fight back-to-back against a terrifying army of mythological menaces, unleashed by no less than a resurrected Egyptian witch queen! With such ungodly evil afoot, the Strange Brigade needs YOU!

Adventure awaits...but for now, keep those eyes peeled for gameplay and more at E3 2017 and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Reddit!


E3 Press Kit

13 Jun 2017

Want to write or create content about Strange Brigade? Get in touch at:

You can also download press assets for Strange Brigade using the link below. We’re more than happy for you to use assets for video content. All we ask is that the content is focused on the game itself (or includes the game as part of a wider piece) and that it features no illegal or offensive material. Want to check? Just get in touch!

Download the E3 Press Kit